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Add a Tea Soak to any one hour body treatment or facial for $20

Tea Foot Soaks - $20
Tea has been  used for thousands of years for many different types of physical ailments. The health benefits of tea were noticed before modern day science. Today we know that the health benefits of tea are extreme. Soaking your feet in tea rejuvenates the feet while helping to soothe tired sore muscles in the feet. It can also help get rid of embarrassing foot odor. You will have your choice of teas from our Organic tea line. Once you choose, you will have a never ending cup of tea to drink to match your soak. While you are sitting and enjoying your tea we will be focused on making sure you are comfortable and catered to by providing warm Himalayan salt neck wraps while you listen to tranquil and calming music. We will finish this treatment by massaging to "wake up" the feet and legs. Experience this natural soothing escape. Relax. Rejuvenate. Breathe.

Just Wellness Signature Experience - $109
This treatment is exclusive to Just Wellness. You will enjoy a full body massage with an organic lavender infused oil and a gentle exfoliating foot scrub and back scrub. After your massage, you will have the time to refocus and relax with our signature tea soak.  (90 minutes)
Strengthen and Repair Manicure - $30
This Manicure is designed to help clients grow and strengthen their own nails naturally. This Manicure might be for you if you experience any of the following:  cracking, splitting or peeling nails; damage from previous acrylic or gel nail services; or your gel polish does not last at least a week and a half to two weeks. Four follow up maintenance appointments are advised.
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