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Our Nail services do not include regular polish and/or gel polish. 

Manicure - $20
A simple and beautiful treatment. This service includes trimming and filing of the nails along with carefully cleaning up the cuticles. A hydrating lotion will be used to massage the hands and forearms.
Strengthen and Repair Manicure - $30
This Manicure is designed to help clients grow and strengthen their own nails naturally. This Manicure might be for you if you experience any of the following:  cracking, splitting or peeling nails; damage from previous acrylic or gel nail services; or your gel polish does not last at least a week and a half to two weeks. Four follow up maintenance appointments are advised.
**Signature service

Strengthen and Repair Package - $60
Includes Strengthen and Repair manicure and 4  maintenance treatments. (1 free!)
Pedicure - $30
A complete treatment when you are short on time.  We soak your feet, trim and file the nails and clean up your cuticles.  We will finish with a moisturizer for the lower legs and feet.

Spa Pedicure - $49
Let's take your pedicure to the next level. With this pedicure, we will soak your feet, trim and file your nails and clean up your cuticles.  You will be treated to a scrub to exfoliate dead skin and smooth your calluses.  We will finish with a massage for the lower legs and feet.
Deluxe Pedicure - $60
The ultimate experience for your feet.  While your feet soak, we will trim and file your nails and clean up your cuticles. A combination of a scrub and dermal mask is used to exfoliate and hydrate the feet. We will finish with a hot stone massage on the lower legs and feet.

Callus Eliminator - $20
A treatment for in between pedicures to keep your feet smooth.

Summer Seasonal Service

Pineapple Paradise Pedicure

(June-August) 69

Hello Summer! This deluxe-style pedicure comes with a complementary fruity adult beverage garnished with REAL Hawaiian pineapple!

Pedicure/Manicure Enhancements
Regular Polish - $7
Polish change - $5
Non-Toxic Polish- $5
Gel Polish - $38

Poly Gel (Provided by Jenna) 
Full Set - $80
Fill - $55
Gel X-$89 (Provided by Jenna) 
Hard Gel (Provided by Jenna) *NEW*
Full Set - $80
Fill - $55 
Gel Polish (Toes) - $15
Gel Polish Removal - $7
French - $7
Nail Art - $3 per nail
Hand Scrub - $8
Hand Moisturizing Mask - $10
Strengthen and Repair Maintenance - $10
Soak Off Gel - $50 (includes removal and Gel polish)
Acrylic/Gel Removal - 15+
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