Massage Enhancements

Add Hot stones, Hot towels or lavender oil

Dry brushing $7, Cupping $10

*If there are any health issues or medical conditions please specify when making an appointment*
Just Wellness Signature Experience - $90
This treatment is exclusive to Just Wellness. You will enjoy a full body massage with an organic lavender infused oil and a gentle exfoliating foot scrub and back scrub. After your massage, you will have the time to refocus and relax with our signature tea soak.  (90 minutes)
**Signature Service
Hot Towel - $70
Moist heat is great for soothing tired, achy muscles. Hot towels are used on the body throughout the entire massage. Relax & enjoy the benefits of this soothing service.  (60 minutes)
Hot Stone - $80
Smooth, warm stones are used on the entire body to induce deep relaxation. Warm stones work as a useful massage tool by being able to focus heat on specific problem areas. Feel the tension melting away with this luxurious treatment.  (75 minutes)
Stress Reliever - $30
By targeting scalp, hands and feet, this simple, yet relaxing service will leave you relaxed and stress free. (30 minutes)
Prenatal Massage - $75
A relaxing massage for the mommy to be!
-Must be scheduled with Isabella

Rain Drop Therapy - $150

(Provided by Isabella)

Inspired by the healing practices of the Lakota Indians, Raindrop Therapy is a holistic therapy that uses a combination of massage therapy, energy work and essential oils to release tension and bring both electrical and physical balance to the body. Using a technique called Vita flex and soft feather-like strokes, essential oils are applied to stimulate the nervous system and provide the immune system with a boost. This service can last up to 2 hours and uses 9 different essential oils.

Cupping Therapy- $70

(Provided by Isabella & Jessie)

By pin pointing specific areas, massage cups are used to help loosen tight muscles and/or muscle attachments by creating a suction which helps lift and loosen connective tissue. 

**This treatment will leave suction marks that may be seen for days and/or weeks.

Swedish Massage - hour $60 
A relaxing therapy that uses gentle strokes to soothe the body and encourage circulation. A perfect treatment to induce relaxation.
 - 1/2 hour $35 
 - 90 minute $90
Deep Tissue - hour $70 
This therapy uses controlled, firm pressure in problem areas to help reach the deeper muscles in your body. A firmer pressure then the traditional Swedish massage.
 - 1/2 hour $40 
 - 90 minute $105
Couples Massage
Enjoy a massage or body treatment with someone special.
Seasonal Services

Warm Macadamia Nut body treatment - $99 (April-June)

Macadamia nut oil is one of nature’s greatest gifts to skin. It nourishes with antioxidants, locks in hydration and soothes with its anti-inflammatory relief like properties. Enjoy massage, exfoliation and hydration all wrapped into this full body treatment. 

Citrus Cilantro Body & Scalp Massage -$85 (April-June)

Enjoy a 75 minute massage using the top quality Farmhouse Fresh Citrus Cilantro body oil. This includes a hot oil scalp massage with unscented coconut oil.

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