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- Massage Services are available for

clients 10 years of age or older


- All minors must have an adult in the room at the time of service

If there are any health issues or medical conditions please specify when making an appointment
Just Wellness Signature Experience - $109
This treatment is exclusive to Just Wellness. You will enjoy a full body massage with an organic lavender infused oil and a gentle exfoliating foot scrub and back scrub. After your massage, you will have the time to refocus and relax with our signature tea soak.  (90 minutes)
**Signature Service

Hot Towel - $89
Moist heat is great for soothing tired, achy muscles. Hot towels are used on the body throughout the entire massage. Relax & enjoy the benefits of this soothing service.  (60 minutes)

Hot Stone - $99
Smooth, warm stones are used on the entire body to induce deep relaxation. Warm stones work as a useful massage tool by being able to focus heat on specific problem areas. Feel the tension melting away with this luxurious treatment.  (75 minutes)
Prenatal Massage - $79
A relaxing massage for the mommy to be!

Cupping Therapy- $10 add on service

By pin pointing specific areas, massage cups are used to help loosen tight muscles and/or muscle attachments by creating a suction which helps lift and loosen connective tissue. 

**This treatment will leave suction marks that may be seen for days and/or weeks.

Reflexology - $89
Reflexology is a natural, nurturing and holistic therapy that has been practiced successfully in Asia for thousands of years. It utilizes Meridians which are energy pathways that work through the body at 26 different points that primarily end at the feet. Accupressure is applied to different zones that correspond with organs of the body. This in turn engages our parasympathetic nervous system which aids in our innate ability in "self-healing" through our body's physiology with emotional and physical challenges.
Meridian Rebalancing (Jin Shin Jyutsu)
According to ancient records housed in the Archives of the Imperial Palace in Japan, Jin Shin has been around for centuries and was an innate part of man’s wisdom to heal thyself. It is comprised of 26 “Energy Meridians” that can be opened by the Parasympathetic using light touch connecting positive, negative and ground poles just like a car battery. If either of the 3 aren’t connected, your engine won’t start or can cause damage. Considering Jin Shin is like a jumper cable, allowing your engine to re- start and function with Body, Mind and Spirit. It’s like the old yellow pages ad for “Let Your Fingers Do the Walking”. Let us teach you how Jin Shin can help you with your maintenance of health, happiness and benevolence.
60 minute session - $99
90 Minute Session - $149
Massage Services
30 minute - $40
60 minute - $79

90 minute - $109

To better serve our clients, we have decided to drop the labels Swedish, Deep Tissue & Therapeutic, to be able to provide you with a massage experience that is based on your individual needs. This will allow our therapists to freely use their knowledge, training and skills to create a massage therapy session that is unique and 100% customized for you.

Couples Massage - $158
1 hour massage

Massage Enhancements

Hot Stone Add on $7

Hot Towel Add on $7

Lavender oil $7

Cupping (select therapist) $10

Summer Seasonal Services 

The Salty Coconut Massage

(June-August) 89

Let us bring the beach to you! Coconut oil is a great source of hydration and the perfect oil to use for a full body massage. After using a scrub to exfoliate the back and the feet, we finish the back with Hawaii’s best aloe soother, Maui Vera.

Orange Creamsicle body treatment

(March-August) 114

Enjoy massage, exfoliation and hydration all wrapped into this full body treatment.

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